Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paper presentation on pervasive cheating.

I'll be presenting a paper called "Breaking Reality: Exploring Pervasive Cheating in Foursquare" at Think Design Play, the upcoming Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) conference. The Think Design Play program can be found here. For those interested, here's the abstract:

This paper explores the notion of cheating in location-based mobile applications. Using the popular smartphone app Foursquare as main case study, I address the question if and how devious practices impact the boundaries between play and reality as a negotiated space of interaction. After establishing Foursquare as a prime example of the gamification phenomenon and pervasive gaming, both of which require us to rethink notions of game and play, I will argue that cheating in location-based mobile applications challenges not just the boundaries of play, but also of playful identity.

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