Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spot the real Warcraft.

I know, it’s another World of Warcraft post. This news item was just too interesting to pass up.

In a presentation on ‘emerging media: its effects on organisations’ (powerpoint here), the US based National Defence University’s Dr. Dwight Toavs used World of Warcraft for a fictional case of terrorist plotting through virtual worlds. The terrorist are using WoW maps and lingo for organising an attack on the White House.

According to WiReD, who wrote a nice article on this amazing piece of terrorism scare, Toavs ‘believes that spies will have to spend more time in virtual worlds like WoW, if they want to have a hope of keeping tabs on what goes on inside 'em.’

We’ve heard about stories like these before. That it could actually happen (I mean, if I was a smart terrorist…) or that secret agents are maybe scouring through my in-game talk, I’m not sure which one is scarier.

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